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Rotating joints has been suggested before, but the previous ideas i found were clumsy, adding joints or joint states. So how about making the limbs rotate? as in, the forearm becomes some sort of joint whose state can be changed to rotate the wrist, biceps rotates the elbows and lower arms, thighs ==> lower legs, and shins ==> feet.

This would make movement damn near 100% realistic without changing current game mechanics, which means it can also be made optional fairly easily.
It could even be off by default.

Imagine all the BJJ possibilities.
A lil' sketch:
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Probably you can rotate your arm with pecs and shoulders, not that hard.
It's not that necessary
Not supported
This drawing is just to give an idea. I also mentioned legs, feet and wrists.
It would greatly improve grappling, and it can be optional.

And with pecs and shoulders, you can't even do this

What i'm actually talking about is stuff like this
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Well although I do agree that movement in toribash is unrealistic, you are several meters high, with strength capable of lifting buildings and what not.

I feel like adding an entirely new mechanic would cause more problems than it would solve. Single player aside, I would support this as long as it was an option on servers. Something like /opt rotation 1 because having it would mess up most of the mods we have.

I also imagine it would require a rather large workload on the devs, and if hampa and co had the time and money it would be a possibility

I personally would like this.
But what I or you like doesn't matter.
Before i say why, i like to say that i support this but keep it limited.
If it was my choice, i would make this available ONLY to single player, but make it set to OFF by default.
And mod makers should NOT be able to turn it ON for their mod, only the player who is playing should be able to.

I have been playing Toribash for a couple of years now and i have learned what every joint does and i know it like my own name. so adding more won't be a problem.
Won't be a problem for many players over 6 months/ 12 months old.

But for those who want to give Toribash a try and see what it's and is not.
Many people have already tried and quit because it's just too hard.
Adding more will not help at that.

The reason I said I would have this only in single player and OFF by default is
Because it won't be noticed by new players.
They join, they play they have fun just as if it wasn't there.
But for those players who want to take it to a new level, they can turn "rotating limbs" ON, to make greater replays.

If I wasn't clear enough let me know.
Once again, half supported.
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I think everyone is just scared of a new mechanic. You have been playing for years all the sudden something game changing comes into play. Making a new ability would be cool as long as it provides more realisim. Its not gamebreaking since you can easily just skip past it since its not required that you click the ability to do the other mechanics. I believe something like that should be Beta'd for some feedback before giving it a go otherwise it's a sound idea.
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Supported. I'd love to see this game have more realistic movement and have more possibilities for moves.

If it should be implemented, though, it should be optional and disabled by default so the naysayers could be happy and so the newbies wouldn't have a harder time learning the game than before.

It could perhaps be made a game rule or an option for the /opt command.

For more possibilities, individual body parts that would have this new rotation could have their settings tweaked and fiddled around with in the mod maker.

It could spawn some new 360 mods, and it'd be interesting to see.
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It could be more even a hidden option than just an option.

The idea seems not bad, but even for old players it will be uncomfortable. I personally like the gameplay as it is, what could be changed is only the design and no more.
Also these rotated things just look strange, not really realistic lol.
Not supported, it will change whole game
But supported if ther would be Toribash 2 on a new engine, unfortunately there is no millions dollars profit from this fine game so no cash for developing new version, and if it wouldn't be cool it may kill the game at all
Since I'm in this game for 9 years (10 years will be in September) I don't want such big changes, I love this game how it is now, but I'm not sure, probably it would be cool to change an engine, but yes, it may have bad effects
10% supported and 90% on no
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