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Increasing the cap for item transfer per one transfer
The current max items per one transfer is 10, why not make it higher as it'd help marketeers and people who want to send more items at once that cannot go inside of sets, like sets themselves, or some full texture or color sets?

Take this as an example of such senario:-
A wants to send 100 full sets to B. A would have to select 10 and transfer them each time, thus taking more time and could annoy B with "Set: Full xxxxx,Set: Full xxxxxSet: Full xxxxxSet: Full xxxxxSet: Full xxxxx........ sent to you from A" as it will be sent ten times... He can alternatively put them all in one set but that would take even more time. (going through a set, check all the items, remove from set, go to deact/act, add them to set, repeat...)

Ik it sounds useless at first, but if you think about it and how it would help a ton to people who have tens if not hundreds of sets to send to people at a time, as you can buy 100 items off torishop at once...
You can actually move items to sets from within other sets, you don't have to take them out and put them back in.
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