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Returning after 8 years, got a question?
Hi everyone

I created my account about 8 years ago. I believe I had 2 periods where I played the game, back in 2010 and in 2014. Today I found the game actually launched on Steam, I'd completely forgotten about this game I really loved it.

So I quickly downloaded the game and was hoping to get back on my old account. Luckily I could. Now the thing is, I remember purchasing and owning quite some items. I find it weird how I still have my account and belt, but all my items are gone. I'm not gonna try to recall/list items but I do remember some aqua/azure/blueish items.

I'm not expecting a lot, it's been years ago. I also don't know sure where to ask this. Is there any way I could retrieve my items in some way? Or is there a place I should look? I'm 90% certain this is the right account. I don't recall making any other accounts. I even have found some payment confirmation mails in my old e-mail adress my account was linked to.

Anyways, if anyone could give me any more information on what could've happened these past few years or redirect me to the correct place, that'd be awesome! I have little hope of getting my old items back, but it'd be amazing because they looked pretty sick.