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Yo wassup tribe people

My name is Core or you can call me Adrian (which is my real name obviously)

I am from the United Kingdom , England . I am also British (and yes i like a cup of tea every now and then). I started playing this game in 2012 but really didn't start playing until 2017 , i am 15 years old . I am also incredibly good in aikido (according to many people)

Previous Clans :


I recently wanted to get better at Realism (Sparring , parkour . mas) So far , good progress

Heres some Aikido Replays and a Spar Replay
Attached Files
Very nice.rpl (54.8 KB, 3 views)
Man dismembering him.rpl (65.5 KB, 3 views)
Aikido Ulti.rpl (47.3 KB, 3 views)
Ultimate Decap lol.rpl (47.2 KB, 3 views)
Very cool spar with Bonbon.rpl (795.9 KB, 4 views)

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My name is Maxim or you can call me Max (this is my real name, obviously)

I am from Tiraspol, Moldova. I started playing this game in 2011, lost until 2016 and then abandoned due to problems, I am 19 years old. Very good at such mods as ABD. Judo. Wushu
I often play sparks and all kinds of parkour cards, learn to use realism again.

Previous clans:


I would like to get into your clan and make friends with old players of toribash.
The belt was custom
Hello Tribe.
here to apply for Tribe anuT pyramid.

I'm a 16-year-old human, who lives in the united states

Language: English Advanced

Former names: HxCxChaos, Maki, cutie, witch. (irl name is Damien, I was born in 2002)

Clan History:
TANG, Adventure and some other irrelevant clans.

I've recently started trying to master lenshu, abd, spar, and boxshu. I'm mainly in game, but I've recently gotten Help Squad, so I'll be active on both of them equally. I've started playing in 2017, been playing for about nearly 2years almost being at 20k QI. So you could say I'm a faster learner with video games.

I also, play other games, like Rainbow six siege, overwatch. You name it. I've been a gamer mostly my entire life.
I love music, including rock, rap, R&B stuff like that, and somewhat of Nightcore.

I'm in your discord if you want more information on me, and anything you need to know
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Also I stream tetris and other things
Discord link for updates and highlights from streams:
Im returning my app, this is taking too long
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