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music reveiw
this i hope will turn people on to new bands. heres what you do.

ill start by naming an album, the band that its by, what you would give it out of 10, and why.

then the person to respond to me tells their thoughts on it if they have heard it. then they give a review of another album. ill start revenge by: KISS
i would give this album a 7/10.

I'm definately not the hugest kiss fan but i have heard thier old stuff (because my dad owns almost all of their studio albums) and a bit of their newer stuff and this is their best in a while. it's a return to their heavier sounding music (especially when compared to much of their stuff after dynasy). This album no doubt has good songs, but not classics, like deuce, detroit rock city, cristine sixteen , or many of their earlier songs. but any fan of kiss should take a look at this.

so the first person to see this give your opinion if youve heard it and do it with a diffrent album. it can be any genre you want. my only wish is you dont act biased and instantly give it a 10/10 because you absolutely love the band.

oh also you dont have to put a picture i just wanted you guys to see what it looks like.

i hope this works out good
Haven't heard it, but I'm not a gigantic fan of stuff like Kiss so eh. :d

Check it.

The Dillinger Escape Plan:Ire Works.
Personal opinion: 9.5/10

Tracklist, personal favorites bolded:
Fix Your Face
Black Bubblegum
Sick on Sunday
When Acting as a Particle
Nong Eye Gong
When Acting as a Wave
Milk Lizard
Party Smasher
Dead as History
Horse Hunter
Mouth of Ghosts

Ire Works, the 3rd full-length release from math metal band The Dillinger Escape Plan is, quite simply, awesome. Be warned though, if you don't like screaming and crap in your metal you might not like some of the songs on this album, as some of their songs (Fix Your Face, Lurch, and Party Smasher for example) are screamy. But don't worry, this isn't 16-year-old prepubescent voiced bawww my parents hate me "screaming", this is good stuff. And it's actually understandable! :D
Anyway on the the album. As I've stated they definitely fit into the metal part of their math metal genre, and math is no different. From technical playing, complex drumwork, to odd time signatures The Dillinger Escape Plan makes for some interesting music. Hell I can't even make out a time signature on When Acting as a Wave, one of the best instrumentals I've heard.
You know how I said "you might not like some of the songs on this album"?
Emphasis on the some.
The Dillinger Escape Plan doesn't even stick to pure "metal" on this album, though the majority could fit under said genre. Others range from almost poppy (Black Bubblegum, Milk Lizard), to even jazzy in Mouth of Ghosts.
This is one of my favorite albums I own, and a couple songs to try before you buy you might say:

Fix Your Face:

Sick on Sunday: link since all the YouTube links were butt :B

Milk Lizard: (you might recognize this from Saint's Row 2 :v)