Head Texture of the Month: Freestyle
Artist: FailxD
Your request: Head
Size: 512x512
Details: Got to my pumpkin head, almost the same way that one I have, but more detailed, the face is fine, I just want more details and stuffs =)
Without the thing in the back of the head. Is more like an improvement of my old head
Reference: Link 1
Link 2
Link 3
Price range: 20k
Other information: anything pm me and stuff and thanks! ^^
if the head pwns.. I'll pay more

Hey Doxxy just a question i know you said resizes are annoying but is there any leniance towards this? Like in the distant future per say?
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The reason they are annoying is: you don't just simple rescale it. You have to completely redo the whole texture. If you don't you will lose quality, and it will look shitty. So that's why we don't do them. Sorry.
Aka jusmi.
im next so excided to see any wip's of my set ^^
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illripyou, theygo in order...once there done with clows set they will work on your set...now stop annoying them please..they already have enough work to do...

(on-topic) do you guys make like only legs or specific body parts?