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Artist: (FailxD, Doxxy, Collab) The lady :3 (FailxD)
Your request: Head texture
Size:512x512 :O
Details: A fluffy bear costume head.I have Demon lax and void force. Please make a Nerd on the inside with nerd glasses and tape.
Reference: Here
Price range: I want it to be permanent.
Other information: I wuv u
Pack (Optional):

Oh and can I get some 512x512 hand textures also to go with my head? Please make them have the nerd glasses on them and just freestyle the rest. Offer on price

we dont make separate textures. and theres a price listing on first post.

plz choose a price.
Artist: whoever, just make it look good please
Your request: cute bigeyed robot thingy
Size: 256
Details: uh cute? in.... platinum and ivory
Price range: exactly 5k
Other information: make it look clean
bring back wibbles
Fluffy, ill add u to list, patiences please.

reanimator ill have doxxy make your head, he specializes in robots.
o forgot to say, +reped both of you, nice doing buisness..i love my head so far!! good luck with this shop i might request something a little bit later for a set or something to go along with the head.
Hahaha epic! A few things though.
1. make Glasses begger and add reflection in the lense
2. Diffrent mouth
Thanks alot
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