Endurance Onslaught 3.0
I already let him know why this may happen, he acknowledged and agreed he understood what I was saying and agreed.

Maybe he didn't think I was serious? Players normally learn sooner or later I mean what I say and I say what I mean.

maybe one more chance because i know i can do better for you guys i wanna try to contribute this time. I been with you guys for a long time and i really miss this family.

evo forever, and evo til i die
[JollyR] [Tribe] [eVo] [fl0w]
Hi wounder, we don't need petty trolls invading our clan board so I'm gonna say this only once.
Don't post anywhere in our board again.

On a side note regarding your comment-
Why have we been here longer than you if you're wondering why anyone would ever want to join us?
Poor naive soul...

<---- Also my avatar is for you, enjoy <3


-Past Clans:Tank, Pyramid, Old

-Past accounts/Alt accounts:none

-Why do you still play Toribash today?
The drive and determination to get better at replay making and seeing other players who are better than me accomplish things I hope to accomplish as well really is why I still continue to play.

-What do you hope to achieve, accomplish in the future as a player of Toribash?
Become somewhat known in the community as a replay maker and as a player in general. Right know only a few people really know what i'm capable of but I hope for things to change.

-Why do you want to join [eVo]?
I know a few peeps who feel good to talk and play with. Also some of these other clans are l a m e.

-What can you bring to [eVo]?
Hopefully I could bring activity and I could provide decent replays for you guys.

-Do you have any friends in [eVo]? If so who?
(This does not mean KNOW OF, this means who do you socialize and play with.)
These are a bit of a stretch but Azazel, Eviltorified, and Reptile

Would you be willing to have a voice chat with [eVo] Members via Discord?
Once I get a better mic yeah.
Please tell us some information about yourself, the more the better:
My real name is Justus Spillman, I live in California, and I was previously known as Asfall. I'm a straight male, no girlfriend though. I'm stupid in the sense that I don't do every well in school. I don't spar as often as i'm focusing on more SP replays than anything.

My discord:rifle#8065
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when the:
Zwar's application
Zwar's applications:


So, I'm 19 years old dude turning 20 on August



-Past Clans:

[eVo], [AS], [WAPOW], [Nitro], (Vibe), (Dark), (OK), (OC)... I maybe forget some, sorry.
-Past accounts/Alt accounts:

Recently I used an alternative account to make fun of some guys (q666p), sorry if I've been retarded Tripstone.

-Why do you still play Toribash today?

Well, I'm still playing Toribash to speak with my friends, to play with them and also to show I'm not a big shit player like most of the people think, it helps me to think anything else than real life and I'm having fun playing with friends.

-What do you hope to achieve, accomplish in the future as a player of Toribash?

Well, I hope to get better at the game in general, taekkyon/boxshu/lenshu/abd... but also I would like to get better at uke bashing because I really enjoy making nice replays with not that much of dms but just head and split.

-Why do you want to join [eVo]?

I want to join [eVo] because as I heard people are waiting for me in there, I think I just want to find back my home with friends...

-What can you bring to [eVo]?

I can bring you power, I'll bring you experience though wars if needed. I'll try to bring a good and friendly climate

-Do you have any friends in [eVo]? If so who?

Well I know most of the guys in [eVo] (since I've been in already), I really like Tripstone, Fred and Jaker... but of course, I like y'all, Azazel, Drunkmonk, Matarika, Poop, Coke, Ern, Binklawz, Kouta, Obazu, Mocucha, Chazer, Swepples, EvilTorified, Flames, Cobra, Shikkumo (I miss you) and Zwift... yep all of you guys !! (Sorry if I forget someone ^^')

Would you be willing to have a voice chat with [eVo] Members via Discord?

Of course, I would like to ! (even if I don't have a mic at the moment...)in case Nat.So#2490

Please tell us some information about yourself, the more the better:

Well, I think I'm a retard to think people in [eVo] don't want/like me, HASSAN just opened my mind. I'm actually studying International Trades second year and the last one. Well I mean, we were already clanmates, I guess I can skip that question? (Please, I don't know what to say >.<)AND I'm really bad at making applications
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