Head Texture of the Month: Freestyle
Username: Jelaun

Age: 13

Belt: 2th Dan Black Belt

Main mods: Aikido,Abd

Previous clan: Volt,Error,Ops,Fn,Attack.
I dont Have Skype or steam but i have discord and it is
Reasons of absence to previous clans:They either wernt active enough or they had some really mean people in them or they just werent good enough to help contribute to my growth and strenghs as a player.

Why do you want to join Vengeance? I want to join Vengeance because it seems like a pretty active clan, very helpful and something that I could enjoy being apart of. Also, I need new friends so this could be a great start. I could hopefully learn different things about Toribash from you guys. Looking forward of you guys helping me sharpen up some skills, would be interesting to learn from each and every member that is apart of Vengeance.

[Don't mind the replay names :>]

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gg bro.rpl (76.7 KB, 2 views)
grappling warfare.rpl (65.7 KB, 2 views)
im so awesome.rpl (57.6 KB, 2 views)
i got the cork.rpl (113.6 KB, 2 views)
spar mafia.rpl (521.9 KB, 2 views)
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Username: Cavarell
Age: 17 years
Belt: 10th dan
Main mods: abd, aikido, lenshu
Previous clan: UssR
Reasons of absence to previous clans: inactive my old clan
Why do you want to join Vengeance?
I'm familiar with this clan because I've been here before, I know Cobra well and I want to raise this clan with him.
Username: Daaaanko

Age: 17

Belt: 3th Dan Black Belt

Main mods: Aikido,Abd

Previous clan: Veangence lol, only clan i've ever been part of

Why do you want to join Vengeance? I liked this clan a lot but i had to go inactive for like a year because life reasons so i quitted Ve 'cause if not i would've just be taking up spots. Even Cobra messaged me like in february to get back in the clan cause it was getting revived but i was still inactive.
Keep the snakes away unless they Gucci
Username: Deviltown
Belt:3th Dan Black belt
Main mods:Spar,Parkour,Mas and boxshu
Previous clan: zero , saint
Reasons of absence to previous clans:because Saint is inactive on discord and the members also and saint is not funny . z because I was inactive
Why do you want to join Vengeance? I want join because the clan looks cool and the members also i want helped the clan to become even stronger and also.

(Replay) : i can't show you my replays because i unistall toribash and i redownload toribash because when toribash launched i got an error (that's why I uninstalled and reinstalled) and I lost all my replays but i can show u an replay that I did morning
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Got the glock with the beam aim it at your team
added new requirement: know all the words2 love no thotties and must recite the entire song in vc
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