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clan video
Clan Video event thingy

Yea Jingles said I should enter this shit a while back but i was on holiday hiatus but now I'M BACK

let me break down what's happening:

Step 1: replay/song submissions
you heard right. it's a clan video. so that means replays from you guys.
if you happen to not give a damn about this game have skill in a certain skill in replay making, fear not. you can still submit songs.

remember, there needs to be a minimum of 5 replaymakers or i can't do this.

you have 5 days ok

Current roster as of last edited:
1. Hours
2. GamerDaPro
3. Mr Jingles
4. BioEx
5. Tengo
6. hipotibor

substitute if there's no 5th one: nagato

Step 2: editing
that's my part so you don't need to know (unless hours wants to do it :^))

i'll put the song we're using here:

Step 3: winning
there's like no good entries so we got this in the bag anyway
to clarify: we got the editing in the bag. i don't know about the replays since it's being judged on editing and replays even though the editing can be done by an outside clan but the replays can't ARGH

yeah that's all b

oh and jingles i have all your replays that you ever uploaded in one folder so you don't need to submit
hence why you're basically in all my videos

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in which thread lazors shamelessly posts replays from like 2012-13
if you don't want to use these it's fine, i was never a replay maker and i'm moving in 2 days so yeah
feel free to edit in any way you would want.
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Does it supposed to be music, or just some fucked up shit?

Also suggestion:

Replays to come sometime if I manage to dig them up
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