Market Squad Recruitment Drive
50k is my max, PM me if you changed your mind.
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Knox force 150tc each(600 all)
Marine force 300tc each(900 all)
Orc force 20tc each(360 all)
Radioactive force 300tc each(1200 all)
Marine relax 300tc each(1200 all)
Set spare textires 9.9k(except joint in it)
Vampire force 2.7k
knox force 225 tc each
marine force 450 tc each
orc force 30 tc each
radioactive force 450 tc each
marine relax 375 tc each
deal on spare textures set
vampire force nty
Tesla force
Nvm, just saw your tc
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PM me
Add me on discord "Thot Eliminator Sokomato#7345"