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dislocated my arm when trying to pull off rey mysterio's finisher in a park :I

in my defense the wwe guys told us to not to do those stunts at home....the park wasnt my home ;-;
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i mean, brain surgery was pretty bad.

EDIT: And the other 20+ surgeries ive had (I realise im broken a little)
Life is much easier, if you never grow Old

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I snapped my achillies tendon in my right leg standing up from my locker ._.

have a good day

you need some milk my friend.
Life is much easier, if you never grow Old

i had what i thought was a heart attack. no clue what it actually was, doctor was vague
the only time i thought i was gonna die was this

got in a car crash a while ago and had a clean break (fortunately) of 2 of my left ribs
spent 6 months in a wheelchair b.c of it, but you can still see scarring tissue and it looks like nutsack skin on my left side
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one time when i was in primary school fucking around with a friend i tried to kick him and he grabbed my leg, then mr fucking retard pops out of nowhere and lifts my other leg up expecting me to have perfect balance or something. turns out thats not how physics work and i fell off backwards which made me hit the edge of concrete that was part of the wall next to us with my head
then they took me to the hospital while i was crying and shitting and cumming and got some stitches
also i felt bad for my friend that i tried to kick bc he was crying afterwards and apologizing even though it wasnt his fault lol

ive also fell off my bike a bunch of times because im really dumb i have scars on both of my shoulders just from that

never really dealt with serious injuries, hope i never do
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I was awake during a surgery

you're supposed to. who doesn't like to see his foreskin being cutted?

painful is going through that without anesthesia..
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