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[GOD] ToriSoccer


Welcome to ToriSoccer! Only the true Ronaldo's of the Toribash world will shine in this winner-take-all event!

- Maximum of 32 participants in sign up
- Have fun
- Counted wins are only by: goal scored or dq (touching ball w/ hands)


This is a 1v1 winner-take-all soccer tournament. First player to complete a hat trick (3 goals) is the winner and will move on. Basic knockout tournament style event. You must upload all replays when submitting your win!

*Along with this K.O. tourney, there will be daily tournaments ingame with 10k 1st place prizes for winner until the tournament begins!

Example of submission:
(always put the winner first!)

ronaldo vs neymar

ronaldo 1-0 neymar

ronaldo 2-0 neymar

ronaldo 3-0 neymar

don't forget to include replays!




Mod for this event is: gtqsoccer.tbm. The goal is to score on your opponent (points don't matter!)
Bicep to hand touches will cause an instant loss.

The champion of ToriSoccer will receive the following:

100k TC
Custom designed right foot flame (to be designed by the winner, you will be able to request to 2 flames on one foot)


25k TC
Silly Slippers Pair


Description of your best goal celebration:


Event starts 3 days after this post! GLHF!

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do i win by default and do I have to fight jenson? kouta hasn't been on

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Tasaki 1 - 0 N3WB
Tasaki 2 - 0 N3WB
Tasaki 3 - 0 N3WB

my duud got epicly nutmegged at 2nd match or something
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Originally Posted by Jenson View Post
any news about this?

You should schedule your fight with Karst, seems like Kouta quited and Kane is already in the semi-finals
to all participants, due to my issue with internet since I just moved to a new state, I’m not actively available to run this tournament properly, thanks to those who signed up and participated to this point.

all remaining participants will be sent 50k each as a consolation. I really apologize for the situation as a lot of time and effort was put into the creation of torisoccer. I assure you all when my internet is fixed I will be back in action fully.
wait, so the event ends here ? what about the foot flames ?
but if not then i'm still waiting for my opponent in the final ;)