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Toribash World Championship 2019

Hi, and welcome to Toribash World Championship 2019!

In this event, the best players of Toribash community will face each other in a grand show of skill to see who claims the gold and becomes the new reigning Champion!

Toribash World Championship 2019 is a single elimination tournament.

In the first round, participating players will face each other in best-of-5 duels.
Rounds 2, 3 and 4 will be best-of-7 duels.
Quaterfinals and semifinals will be best-of-9 duels.
Finals will be a best-of-11 duel.

All duels will follow the same structure:
First game is always played in boxshu_mushu_v3.tbm.
Every next game's mod is selected by the losing side.
A player can't select the same mod more than two times.

If a player pings or disconnects during the duel after first turn, that is considered a point loss.
Exceptions to this rule are only possible if both players agree to replay the fight.

List of available mods:

After completing the duel, one of the sides has to post the log where every fight's outcome and mod are included.
If possible, also include the replays of every fight - keep autosave enabled in order not to miss them

If your opponent is evading the duel or fails to show up at agreed time, make sure you report it either in this thread or contact me (sir#9999) on discord.

If a pair is unable to finish their duel within given time, both players will be disqualified.


700,000 Toricredits
35 Shiai Tokens
Comic Effects
Stone Tori full set (joints + bodyparts)
Two color packs of your choosing*
Lifetime Qi X2 booster
Lifetime VIP subscription
Unique member page background
160x200px forum avatar of your choosing

500,000 Toricredits
25 Shiai Tokens
Comic Effects
Stone Tori bodyparts
Color pack of your choosing*
Qi X2 booster for one year
VIP subscription for one year
160x200px forum avatar of your choosing

350,000 TC
20 Shiai Tokens
Comic Effects
Stone Tori bodyparts
Color pack of your choosing*
Qi X2 booster for 6 months
VIP subscription for 6 months
160x200px forum avatar of your choosing

Other players who get to top 8 will also receive 50,000 Toricredits, 10 Shiai Tokens and VIP subscriptions for 2 months.

Special thanks to Valha for donating 350,000 TC and Aeon clan for donating 300,000 TC towards prize pool.

* Excluding Onyx

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Alright so all people who got invitations from Season 6 are in a safe zone, even if you get an error while accepting the invitation I still know you accepted it because those are stored in our database.
Users trying to sign up with a fee have a 50% chance on getting a notice asking not to panic because they weren't instantly added to the bracket. Everyone who tried to sign up with a fee until this point will need to post here (if you haven't already) to have yourself added.

Sorry for the inconvenience, it turned out one of our servers has some broken settings. Ooops.
Originally Posted by Powas View Post
You have already signed up for World Championship 2019 on a different account.

Except I'm not. Thanks, lol.

Please launch your game to have a successful in-game login made after July 2019 and try again.
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