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NGC - Next Generation Championship

NGC is an organization made with the intention of promoting fighting events, with the mentality of realism , no rules , with scoring rules and betting opportunities, and supporting your favorite fighter

The rules are simple, who ever wins, he must accumulate points in the game, whoever has more points, wins the game.

If someone folds, the opponent will go to the next main fight card.
The main event card winner will receive 40k
Matches are divided into 3 rounds of 500 frames each.

Bet winners get 85%
(counter bets have to be added to receive your bet TC.)

The fights are divided by TIERS, all fights being equal, so there are no advantages ,
tiers are based on the win / lose / draw ratio ,the following TIERS:

S+ Tier

A+ Tier

B+ Tier

C+ Tier

D+ Tier

This is the cartel of current NGC players

LostMail: 0-0-0
Nikootso: 0-0-0
Footlox: 0-0-0
Daddyspace: 0-0-0
Gouyard: 0-0-0
Matarika: 0-0-0
Jacky: 0-0-0
Jajo: 0-0-0
Warghost: 0-0-0
Mainland: 0-0-0
Rift: 0-0-0
Eggrock: 0-0-0
Vani3: 0-0-0
Unihunter: 0-0-0
Anxiety: 0-0-0
D4N: 0-0-0
Leonek: 0-0-0
Bossy: 0-0-0
Zolvic: 0-0-0
CryInk: 0-0-0
Anver: 0-0-0
Derp: 0-0-0
Darkshot: 0-0-0
Faidinho: 0-0-0

Just enter the discord server and chat with DarkRift, Zolvic or Main
the price to participate is 1k.

Discord Link:

NGC: HIAC has started


For any question, enter the discord link above ,THREAD FOR PRESENTATION ONLY
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