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(OutReach) Folkstyle wrestling tournament
Wrestling tournament

hello fellow players/members we are excited to announce the first ever realistic competitive wrestling tourney. No this isn't pro wrestling this is Folkstyle or as some may call it high school wrestling but all in all its the same thing. This Event is free to join and will involve tc prizes for winning factions. Now you're probably wondering what factions are well let me tell you. Depending on how many players join this event we will have groups of players paired up like a high school team. Pretty cool right? But wait there's more!!!! OutReach is selling 2 kind of singlets for a low price. One is the base singlet which comes with the basic wrestling sponsors and doesnt have your name on it. The other singlet is a specialized one it comes with your clan logo and your name on it. base singlet- 500tcspecialized singlet- 1500tcSend tc to my acc and dm me that you sent it so i can start making them-Sincerely, semari654

Also do us a favor and join this discord link:

it is required that you join the server as it will
help players understand the rules in
#wrestling-rules also it just helps make everything easier


The Card

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These Fingers Are Skilled.

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