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Could you give me a dl link please? Somehow download achievements isn't working for me, I just get a replay and not a .lua script.
This Script Is Fantastic.
Thanks. :3

But it wont Load the move.

Edit: Nevermind got it
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Sounds nice, trying it now.
edit: awesome, Great work, Loved it, Keep it up etc.
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Added a new feature!

Tired of losing to someone who found the perfect opener? Did you see that amazing move he did? Would you like to "learn" it as well?

New features include saving a move from multiplayer games while in the queue.

Write "/ec save1 His Move" to save the move "His Move" from the player who is the first battler or Tori.
Write "/ec save2 His Move" to save the move "His Move" from the player who is the second battler or Uke.

Updated version in the attachment of this and the first post.
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I love this.

-But how can I save it forever, will it just stay, this is a brilliant idea 5/5!
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