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[REL] Superman Mode
This script will give you the power of flight.

How to use:

First you should load the mod that you want to fly in.

Second press the button '2' to enter in freecam mode.

Third load the script itself.

  • W: fly forwards
  • S: fly backwards
  • A: turn left
  • D: turn right
  • Q: fly upwards
  • Z: fly downwards


The mod that I flew in is also attached down below.
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Oh cool this looks really interesting i will be sure to try this, good job on this script
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Originally Posted by KillerBotX View Post
doesn't work. ;c

works just fine for me...

open the game
press 2
then just hold q and w

Thank you guys for checking it out. These scripts are real fun to make. I have an idea for a fps/shooter minigame for my next script
Originally Posted by Solax View Post
Hahaha, the header comment in the lua script made me lol. Gj on the script/mod, keep making cool stuff.

Thank you Solax! Nice to know that the admins use my scripts too