Twitch Weekend
Oh crap

It was such a good idea to make this.
[Sigma] [ORMO] [OLDA] [OSHI] [a]lly
It started getting offtopic and VERY confusing
[19:39] <Birdflu> I'm just sad that I can't give myself one
[19:39] <Birdflu> I'd have a great time
ohi old thread. I thought you withered away and died.
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no guys c'mon its really fun but we gotta end this really fast :S .. . . .

The main character decides to just suddenly stop breathing. The end.

Right? RIGHT?
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hhhh lol no srsly it fun we want to continue

yeah but he doesn't. just forget about it
I could try to go on with this. What do you think? Does Story Time loose it`s charme if somebody else than Gubbin makes it?
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