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How strong is your password?

I thought this was a pretty cool site. How long would it take for your pass to be cracked?

my current ones: Forceable in 21 hours, 21 minutes, and Forceable in 4 months, 6 days
I dont get too crazy V:
A lot of the awesome unicode passes n such have like 589028401923 years. It's pretty intense

I suggest not posting if your password would only takes a few seconds to crack :P
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in 21 hours, 21 minutes :v
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Everything except WoW: 31 minutes and 52 seconds :/
WoW : 13 seconds... urgh..
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Forceable in 1.5374743673106668e+28 years

This test also fails to take into account the 15 minutes restriction per 5 trials, assuming the person in question cannot roll an IP ~instantly. This would add 3.8718661984566491571952492131916e+40 years to the time assuming every password of the same length as my password is trialed before my password and every password shorter.

Fuck yeah, sentences are the best passwords ever
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