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How many reputation points do you have?
just press your own rep button end a pop up will be released or just go to usercp and scroll down to see reps

-15 points




now 38 points
update: now on 67 points

update again: 83 points
update 107
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37. i dont think it really matters that much though.
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Originally Posted by Meatacle View Post
i don't know how do you tell

At the top left of the screen, hit UserCP and scroll down.

Also; 820.
Dang ravenger.

Just wondering, what happens when you fill up the whole line? Do they morph into other stuffs?


EDIT: Aha, now your post isn't accurate!
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Originally Posted by ravenger View Post
At the top left of the screen, hit UserCP and scroll down.

Also; 820.

or just press your own rep to see

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i have 38 points now
Donno. I'm fairly sure there is a cap on how many you can have though. I'd love to have diffrent colored rep bars after ~500 or so. (I.e 500 being 1 gold bar, 600 being 1 gold+1 green.) But if you look, my last 2 bars are a darker shade of green than the rest. They are also a different file, so dunno if that means anything.

EDIT: Just went up 96 rep within 2 minutes. Even though Skul said my next bar was at 1000 I now have 8. Way2lie.

43 left for 1k rep

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I have like 63 points.
good points
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