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Public Server Mods
Hello guys this is a thread about the public, quick and tournament server mods and how they are chosen. The public server rooms are for all belts to play fun mods while still gaining toricredits. These rooms play a certain mod that will be changed every first day of a month. These mods are picked off "mainstream" mods as chosen by the community (you). These mods are here for fun, so almost any mod is up for rotation.

The current list of public mods is:
erthtkv2.tbm (erthtk1)
kickbox.tbm (kickbox1)
pendulumjumper.tbm (pendulumj1)
pit.tbm (pit1)
zweihander.tbm (zweihander1)
mushu.tbm (mushu2)
wushu3.tbm (wushu6)
realtoriboxingmw2.tbm (boxing1)
kajump.tbm (kajump1)
lenshu3ng.tbm (lenshu3ng1)
Quick wushu3.tbm x2 (qw1, qw2)
erthtkv2.tbm tournament (tourney1)
lenshu3ng.tbm tournament (tourney2)

If you'd like to recommend a mod feel free to post it in here. Any mod posted in here will be voted and tested on by the GameMasters
For a mod to be a legitimate request it must be a game where both players have an equal chance to win. (Mods such as jesuscopter will be rejected automatically). A nice example for a mod could be something such as taekkyon.tbm/minekido.tbm

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minekido.tbm is pretty fun, honestly.
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Judofrac.tbm>Shalion bostaffs? (Shalionbostaff)
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A weekly rotation of wushu3 into brushu or wushufixed occasionally would be nice.

Outright replacing wushu3 with brushu seems like a bad idea though. That room can get pretty full at times, and the line is already slow with 750 mf. Having 1000 mf is nice but takes away the balance of reasonable queue and playtime that wushu3 has.

Also gonna recommend zweihander.tbm or katana.tbm.
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can't think of much else maybe a lenshu3(ng) server?
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