I volunteer in outpatient in the diagnostic imaging department. I am trying to get into MD, that’s the goal. My extracurriculars and stuff will be very good. I just need to raise my gpa to a 3.7-3.8 and then in my opinion I think I’m guaranteed getting into atleast one med school.

Also, Greg r u by chance pre-med as well or something else?
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Not right now. I have a major in psychology and a minor in sociology/anthropology, but if I am being frank, I haven't really made up my mind. :/

I also plan on getting a Biology minor. Maybe a Chemistry minor as well but idk because you have to take physical chemistry and I don’t want to lol.

Ima be honest with you, with all these research and org stuff I’m going to get now, I feel like If i study my ass off this semester and get a 4.0 I’m gonna get into medical school. That’s my mentality atm because my extracurriculars are pretty damn good if I say so myself.
Ex Dueler - CL Winner - God