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Is hampa ever connecting again?
I joined in 2017 and i have never sawn him anywhere, does he even play HIS OWN game?
Considering the game has been out since 2006, I'm sure he's more focused on new projects (Toribash Next) than he is on playing the game.
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Back in the day, I used to run this one little utility called "Big Bro", which was esentially a friends-list, that notified you when a certain player got online. Using this software I was lucky to play a couple of games against the man himself, I think I beat him once too.
Just for the topic i've been in this community for more than 7 years and i think i only saw hampa accidently in-game like 1 or 2 times. Prob veterans since the really old days of the game will say he was prob more active back when the game just came out, but since he's the main developer of the game and he is working on other projects like TB Next, i don't think he even considers opening this game anymore.
The prophecies do speak of a second coming of the hampus

We must await his return in quiet dignity
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