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Manga Recommendations + Chat
So since the organization part of the forum is removed, I’ll need a new place to get manga/manhwa/manhua recommendations.

I pretty much enjoy every type of genres so feel free to recommend anything.
I'm not the biggest manga reader but I'll use this chance to plug my very first manga which is by no means a masterpiece but ive recently reread it and thoroughly enjoyed it

Im talking about Rosario+Vampire, the anime, if you've seen it, was a completele shitshow but the manga was a thoroughly enjoyable experience imo.
The first few chapters are more a school life + romance thing with a tiny bit of action sprinkled in but the more the story develops the more action focussed it becomes

plus it has vampires
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splish splash adventure is trash
Icky: ahegao comics are just how i live my life
I am currently hooked on reading "Solo Levelling" give it a try. Also, Beastar is great
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Plunderer manga
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Big list of Manga that I have read. Can't really remember which is actually good and which is not, at this point it is murky. It is not my whole list but this is the manga that I can remember that I read.
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The nausicaa manga is good so far
I intend to start the akira manga after that ( if you haven’t seen to animation, it’s fucken sweet and won’t mess with reading it )

If you want anime recommendations, I highly recommend perfect blue, and everything else satoshi kon was involved in making

Also check out junji ito’s manga, NOT THE ANIME ADAPTATIONS

Yes, I like dark shit. If you also like the darker side of manga throw me some recommendations
(Also, if you are a fucking degenerate read eromanga sensei)
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