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Online boxing's 3d greatest rivalry !
Hey guys! Did not play Tori for a while but I still play other physical fighting game named "online boxing 3d" and I'd want to introduce you another video on my channel.
It's about animosity between two top players, two champions, two monsters of the sport - Bobah (top 1 pro) vs Lil HedgeHog (top 1 amateur). Champion vs Champion. Wrestler vs Boxer.
Lil HedgeHog - Ko artist and crazy combination puncher that crushes Compustrike and Fightmetric
Bobah - well rounded fighter that can both strike and wrestle
Who will win ? Check it out by yourself
Thank you guys for your replies! I don't do that to get some benefits (I use author right protected music so I don't get any money) or whatever but to amuse as much people as I can. I really glad that you liked it. I hope a lot of people will see it and get their mood better
2:33 what a soundbyte

subscribed, carpenter brut makes it so hot
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2:33 what a soundbyte

subscribed, carpenter brut makes it so hot

I appreciate your reply and subscription as well ;)
Yeah, Carpenter Brut's soundtracks are second to none for these kind of highlights, that fast tempo fits really well and what is not less important it's free to use, no strikes, no reports for using his music. I think I should thank him somehow

P.S. btw the reason I quit tori and started to play ob3d cause it's so much easier to collect videomaterial in there because it's a real time fighting game (when in tori you have to have good partner and spend 30 mins for good 15 seconds replay) and it's based on physics too what makes it look and feel pretty realistically