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BetsGUI 0.2
it has been done before but mine is superior obviously




going back from autobet is bugged should be fixed

Features i consider adding

maybe "all in" and other quick betting options so you dont have to type numbers

feedback is needed
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  • fixed the camera bug
  • added options to auto hide after submission and to auto show when a new game starts
  • added autobet to automatically bet for next game or everygame
i need to change some stuff because it feels crammed now, also are the buttons too big? is the thing too rounded? i need feedback


also let me know if there is bugs
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maybe make the title texts in bold or bigger
smthn like this

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how about icons?


one more

appearantly there is a bug even tho i tested everything before i uploaded and it was fine, idk what happen, the main gui doesnt load anymore when you press back from autobet should be fixed
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  • icons
  • bets update in realtime
  • added decap prize
  • added current bets
  • added all in and min bet options
  • options gets written into a file
  • and probably other things i cant recall right now, and probably more bugs

1.0 Previews

any bugs or suggestions let me konw plsfixed the options file bug should work now ;-;
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