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Prizes for belts, win streaks, variable tourney prizes, logging in, 2nd place
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Others suggestions in this thread:
- tourney prizes proportional to the number of games played, or participants.
- win streak prizes
- prizes for gaining belts
- some sort of reward for overcoming the challenge of logging in?
- bigger prizes for anything and everything

My idea is that there should be another tc tourney but with more tc like 1k, 1,500 or 2k. I mean I think it would be much more fun and easier for people to get textures, and for noobs just starting to have a good amount of tc. The mod could be aikido or Rk mama. I just think there should be another tourney besides 500tc and 750tc you know a little higher.
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But there are lots of aikido room,combine all of them to become 1000tc.There should only be 1 1000TC tourney room if you want higher tc tourney then.
Idea from Danoob
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Well. I think, since it's a higher amount of tc, more people will be there, Aka, more fights. So you're earning it. Even if people are trying to farm, people who aren't will pound their faces in.
Or, A tourney that has over 15-20 people, The tourney prize will automatically raise/lower to how many people are entered when the tourney starts.
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I believe that the problem would be solved by making more 500TC tournament rooms so it becomes easier to win.
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also betting that when you invest example / 100 bet you do not need to gain 200 else bet.

you do realize that if you went into a private server and bet 1,000,000 TC and the other guy just lost you'd double your tc and everyone would have 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 TC and the game would go to shit.

So no, there has to be counters in order for you to gain.

@DaNoob while that would solve the problem TC wise it in no way would solve it population wise. There would be 20 people per aikido/wushu room. Then people would start complaining for more rooms.
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Basically what I'm saying is, get rid of the 500tc tourneys and replace them with 1k tourneys, or at least have about 2 tourneys that are 1k or 3 at least. People bet and duel to try and gain more tc and if this were to happen I believe more scams would be prevented. So people can just earn tc more easier without having to always duel.
There is a duel command in a private server that automatically takes tc from your account. So there is no possibility of being scammed if you used it. For TC anyways. The bad thing about higher TC tourneys is multi-clienting and farming would happen 100% more often.
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2nd place prize.
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Well, i have an idea..i would like if in regular 500,750 tc tourneys would be a second place prize, like 100-300tc..that way, the 2nd place would be worth something..

-tell me about your thoughts, Krophet.!
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I would say no to this, because often there are only 5 people in tourneys, and it would be just too easy to win money that way. If they made it like 50 tc, or something, this might be a good idea, but I think even 100 is too much.
Oh, ok, i was thinking, and yes, 50 tc would be good prize..i agree with you..
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50 tc for second place would be fine, actually.
It would stop people from ragequitting in finals.