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Prizes for belts, win streaks, variable tourney prizes, logging in, 2nd place
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Others suggestions in this thread:
- tourney prizes proportional to the number of games played, or participants.
- win streak prizes
- prizes for gaining belts
- some sort of reward for overcoming the challenge of logging in?
- bigger prizes for anything and everything

My idea is that there should be another tc tourney but with more tc like 1k, 1,500 or 2k. I mean I think it would be much more fun and easier for people to get textures, and for noobs just starting to have a good amount of tc. The mod could be aikido or Rk mama. I just think there should be another tourney besides 500tc and 750tc you know a little higher.
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TC reward for belt upgrades.
So i was thinking about another way to get tc and it would be getting a reward for ranking up to the next belt. You may think that people could farm this but i already thought of that too, and have a solution. You would only get the rewards starting at black belt. Which means that people can still actually farm TC this way but it would be very time consuming and most likely nobody will do it due to the amount of time that it consumes.

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A tc reward for belting up
A rather simple suggestion, the amount of with required to get a belt is your reward each time you belt up, 1000 for black belt 2000 for Second Dan etc. it wouldn't be easily farmed since alts would need a lot of time and wouldn't make nearly as much as a player who stuck around to belt up to higher dans and give a little boost to new players.
I like the Idea maybe even a weekly booster or something Rewarding except for the Belt itself.... altough for about 75% of people this would be pretty useless to them :|
Toribash isn't a tcg , as in it doesn't need weekly rewards or login bonuses. Currently, their are a majority of options to use to gain tc, with them currently being 1. Betting. 2.Dueling. 3.Multiple tourneys ranging from 500-5000 to rewards. 4. Forum events. 5. Plentiful gm tourneys 6. Tc rewarded for winnings match, and etc.
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