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2v2 | 4 player toribash | more than two players
PLay with more people, battle of teams...

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Just a quick idea that one of my friends made: simultaneous battles.
It would involve multiple small squares/circles/dojos as "mats", spread apart, where in each one, two players would go up against one another. If you are to land outside of the area you were placed in (including another mat) you would be eliminated. It could also function as a ladder; the victorious players would move on to the "next round", where it would continue up until there are two left, where they could fight to the death.

Another idea that I made, derived by the extra people battling at once, is team battles. Team battles, as you'd expect, involves 4+ players, equal amounts on each team, pitting against one another. Once all players on a single team are eliminated, or the time runs out, the team with the remaining players (or more points) would be victorious.

One final idea I have is "multi-battles". It involves 3 - 4 players, all against one another. This one could lead up to great chaos, and, other than the extra players, it would function as a normal battle. It could also be used together with the idea of simultaneous battles and/or team battles.

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Been suggested many times, and was actually possible for a while, it however proved really buggy and slow.

Maybe eventually we'll see it but most not some time soon.

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^ That...

...or as hampa said on the live steam - it wasn't fun.

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Maybe as a sparring mod... MAYBE. But like previously stated, there are so many faults with it that it wouldnt be worth it. Plus most computers couldnt handle that much data, it could work as something optional.. then again, there would have to be seperate server lists and it would all be too complicated... I would like it to be able to work, but I cant see it happening anytime soon.

Supported for the future, but for now, no.
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I think this is on the 'things not to suggest' list :|

What's this "things not to suggest" list you speak of? I can't see it.

As for this idea, it could be feasible to add support for it for the game and have one or two rooms open with 2v2 capability. Before joining there'd have to be a warning, however, that it may kill your computer if you don't have good enough specs.
3 to 4 people playing would be AMAZING! I would love to do spars with 3 or 4 people, but again, it might kill your computer. If they could find a way to lower the data of the game, it may be possible.. Great idea, and supported.
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It would be interesting to have more than 1 vs 1 fights. But like the two others said, it could kill your computer. So if the developers found a way around that it would be epic.

For sure would be harder to fight this way though, with f.ex 2 vs 2. One guy laying on the ground waiting while 2 fight against 1 guy through the rest of the match. Just an example. And if 2 were fighting against 2, you could accidentally hit your friend if it was a team match because you wouldn't know what your friend would do next.

Although if it was 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1 (at the same time) then it could be interesting indeed. It would be harder to "balance" a 2 vs 2 scenario in a Toribash perspective.


Just had some crazy idea. (1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1) with lives, if you "die" (neck broken or decaps or based on points taken from you) then you respawn from where you started in the beginning and continue fighting until one person is left in the match.

Or maybe if you "die" then you are set to "spec" and another player takes your spawn position during the match until only one player is remaining.

Would allow for different types of game modes, king of the hill, hold a specific position through the whole match, etc etc.
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There should be rooms with 2 vs 2, and others 1 vs 1, but the 2 vs 2 had a warning saying it might kill your pc.
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4 players in 1 game
i want this because its very cool
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Cerezo, many players have been suggesting this suggestion. Its been rejected. Please read the rules. And I would also disagree due to you, not being specific on what you want on the suggestion.

There are no rules already Lol.

Back to topic.
It would be only available in the future if most of the computers are fast enough to handle these stuff.

But. my mind thought of something. Maybe u can add an option?

like when u create a room and it says settings : players: 2,3,4

but... I still say no because most of our computers today are stills slow ^_^
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This would be a really fun thing to have in Toribash but as the others said, it'd crash. Even though we could have this in multiplayer it wouldn't be as fun as it sounds because of the lags. If somehow they can find a way to make it work, It will surely be AWESOME!
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