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Toribash for different consoles and devices
Has anyone thought about making toribash compatible with android or tablets , or something like that?
And im not just talking about Minibash But the actual toribash in mobile devices, as in like someone is playing on pc but there is other guy playing on his phone or tablet.
So has anyone thought about it, is it possible'?
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The wii is pretty underpowered and they were still able to do it. Although on Wii there's no shaders or online. So you can get any items for free and play offline. And even then it seems like the Wii version is using the core engine of an older TB version such as 2.2.

The Wii version is actually better than the PC one. The fisics blood was much better, and also it had a multiplayer version, but Nintendo shut down it's the Wii servers.
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It would be cool to see toribash get dummed just so it could get on mobile I wouldn't even mind if they fixed minibash but I hope they put it on android if they do.