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Suggestions for 4.3 - e-sports release

I'm working on the new 4.3 version, the release is focused on features that make tournaments, duels and spectating more exciting, easier to use.

Currently I have on my todo:
- Ingame opener stats (first use, name, win ratio, who found it first)
- Naming of openers used (if you create a new opener, you can also name it)
- Ingame player stats (join date, games played, win ratio etc)
- Mouse over on joint stats (how close to breaking was the join, how much damage did it take)
- Pause tournament or duel (ops can pause a current match)
- /decaprize 1000
"hampa has added a 1000 TC prize for decapitation"

+ the usual bug fixes and tweaks.

If you have any other competitive features, please post in this thread.
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Also a live texture preview. Like when you move files called "head.tga" or something in a specific folder and enter a specific ingame mode, the texture gets instantly previewed on a naked tori.

Too lazy to just /dl and /lp the folder, eh?
Maybe as well a "create a tourney function..making it easier for anyone to create a tourney!Well you only have to moderate the channel for flaming etc...

So first, you assign the prize for first place,second place etc...You assign the number of people you want in the tourney..and what should be written on the global or maybe a sort feature so that people can only check the tourney servers!That would be immense as well.Maybe the auto global can be free which would encourage people to make more tournies.Minimim belt feature and a maximum one for sure.Just make it user-friendly since that's the whole point of it..instead of using a bunch of commands..and the advantage is that it's preset.

Duel matchmaking if possible and duel servers sorting please.

And please!Update the interface man!

Will post some more stuff later.
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A point system, like, a torso hit: 5 points, head hit: 10 points, and stuff like this, for some mods btw, and winning goals would be like, "First to 50".
And a easy textures upload would be helpful too. Like, upload a whole folder with all textures named correctly, instead of one each texture per time.
it will be nice to fix the game rules bugs that happen whan you switch mode bouth in the multi and the single player
add a game goal like instead of most damege in the out you can add the first to touch a spasific block that way you can do races or a decap otomatic win
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First of all... The new update on Toribash that you did doesn't work for me. I can't see anything Can someone tell me why?

Second... I Like you did on Wii. Add blood texture, I really liked it!
And add a decap score, Like "DECAPED!" Or something!
First of all... Toribash doesn't work for me because the latest version. I don't know.

Second... You should really add Blood texture like you did on Wii. I really like it!
That I really want to have on Toribash is a voice that saying "DECAPED" if you decaped someone.
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I think giving the white, yellow, orange, and green belts a better chance of winning by adding a higher resistance of getting dismembered or fractured. What I mean by this is that the lower belts will have to be hit harder and receive more damage than the higher belts so they have a more fighting chance.
In Layman's terms: give a custom (higher) DM and fracture threshold to the lower belts.

Pro: Lower belts will not feel so intimidated by getting smashed by a higher belt, and so come back to the game and play more.
Con: Misuse by some alternate accounts of higher belts.


Instead of belt, it should be Elo based ranks, belt just means how old the account, but Elo reflects the win/loss ratio, so if a Green Belt have a 1650 Elo it means he is a damn good player, he should play with other players with 1650 Elo, even if they are 5th Dan.
Better interface
For the server list; a better interface

(Sorry for bad english i'm french )
Awsome ideas , but what i'd really like to see it a real in-game friend list.. not like the shitty buddy list but an actually friend list that informs you when a friend has either logged in or off , or if the are in game or browsing forum or offline.Also to add people they must accept it, i just think it'd be really crummy if you could add people without them even knowing.
There should also be an option so you can just click a person's name and select "Transfer Item/TC"
+ the usual bug fixes and tweaks.

I hope the bug of "the jumping hair" get fixed.
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Originally Posted by Shockwave
Also a live texture preview. Like when you move files called "head.tga" or something in a specific folder and enter a specific ingame mode, the texture gets instantly previewed on a naked tori.

Too lazy to just /dl and /lp the folder, eh?

Oh god I completely forgot about that.
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