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Mobile version of forums
Now, I know a lot of people use iPods, tablets, phones, etc. to browse the forums, and sometimes it's a pain to click small things like the pm link and stuff, so I'm saying make a forum for the mobile device, or maybe an app.

Just something that is more small screen friendly.
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Forum app for mobile
I feel like they should make an app for mobile so I can check forum without opening Google and stuff at school etc
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The best app for this would probably be Tapatalk, as I'm sure this wouldn't be developed any time soon. As far as I'm aware the Toribash community isn't exactly stocked on developers, so if the suggestion isn't game-changing it likely won't be implemented.

If you're running an iOS device, you can add http://forum.toribash.com/ to your home screen; the website is just a click away then. (:

That was an app being developed that got abandoned.
Toribash needs support more as a game before we start worrying about minor inconveniences like having to use chrome to browse the forums.

I do however like the idea and I think it holds merit.

I certainly would like to just have an app I can open rather than having to open up chrome on my phone every time I go on the forums. Also, with having an app, they can make it easier to use for phones, would be like having a phone version and desktop version available. Some people would probably even use the forums more if it was an app.
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thanks, merged ~K
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Web devs could just make a mobile site with Bootstrap which is mobile-first.
But, it would be a pain in the neck, having to write 2700+ lines of code with Bootstrap just so some people can browse the website on their phone.