Season 8
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Stance.. Replay..
Replay, all mistakes are intentional of course.
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Might finish one day.rpl (196.9 KB, 15 views)

first ones a lil bit twitchy or rather forceful in some places but i like the fake gumbi looks kinda cool plus nice transition and hook afterwards should def finish it

other ones opener is a bit stiff but all ur movement is cool and smooth + good form, only weird part is first hook kick which is kinda slow but not horrible could def be better though.

Ja...Poch...ina... thank. .!
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ukebashing hard.rpl (436.5 KB, 21 views)

WOW this is so dope, I really have no complaints about the replay other than the lack of a satisfying pose

The skeet especially is my fav part

edit this and put a trick or pose at the end or smth

and post here vvvvvv
toe launch daddy