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Toribash Action Figures
Hey guys, was in school, and couldn't get Toribash Action Figures off my mind, I know one has been made before in around '09 but wasn't available for commercial sale or something like that..
I saw the pics of it and it did look really cool, what I was thinking, was why not bring them back? It'll increase the population of TB and it'll be really fun to play with if you're away from your computer, whether it's playing around however you want, or designing moves to try in-game, you'll always have TB with you.
I was thinking of if they get made, they can come with a special code that unlocks something on toribash, whether it's a few thousand TC or a full set of item textures, or maybe even an achievement..
Another idea relating to this, was, what if you incorporate some of the main staff members with their full texture sets for a slightly higher price?
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I think that is a really good idea. It increases population. The hard part would be manufacturing. Manufacturing would be very expensive.
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Nice. No one have mentioned this idea yet. I support this idea as it is very creative and may advertise toribash in a way.
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ill support this too, would love to have an tori/uke action figure.
but im pretty sure that its not relly possible to make yet, id mean in a way that u can sell them and still make profit. im pretty sure hampa would not give them away for free.
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You have to realize, are they going to make this by hand because that sure isn't possible. if not, how are we gonna make them? It's not like Toribash can afford a manufacturer.
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One has been made before, if you check the toriblog August 2009 one of the blogs shows pics of one of the users' action figure toris... if it costs to make the toris and manufacture them, they can always price them higher, maybe $15 and then they'll still make profit..
If they had to release them in South African stores too, it would drastically increase the population of the game, therefore bringing more customers too.. (I showed one of my friends Toribash and he downloaded it straight away, so if he liked it, I guess most South Africans wikl probably like it? )
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Really good idea! I support it 100%, but I think toribash should start adding more things to the paypal options and torishop. Toribash will be able to afford enough money by influencing many people to buy items. I have been influencing people in toribash to buy boosters.
Has been suggested before,way long ago
The blog that butler was talking about:
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You could DIY one, avwave left 3D printable stuff on the shapeways site so others can make their own.

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