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Animated Textures
After Joint Texture, .gif textures (animated)
would look pretty good.
Animated Head Texture 128x128, 256x256, 512x512
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Again, .gifs actually aren't that hard on the GPU.

True, that's why I recommended it.
There would also be an option in graphics called "Detect" which would set your settings to a limit where you would not lag.
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You'd better get head states
One for each state,
Hurted, hitting, normal,knocked.
So 4 head textures for a high price, incluiding items for states

I like this idea better
Each texture has different state depending on the damage it takes
Like minecraft block break state for example

I put a solid rock texture as a body-part
each damage will make it crumble
When it's get dismembered it'll be automatically set to the last state

A continuously looping texture seems kinda pointless
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Would it be a new item or maybe just an option of uploading textures as gifs?

It a good idea though its unlikely for those who have slow internet connection specially if the texture's resolution are big and has a lot of frames.
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Animated Textures
So me and my friend thought it would be a good idea if you could animate your textures! imagine the possibilities!
Imagine the lag.
Some people's computers have trouble with 512 or 256 textures.
Imagine 512 animated textures, with 512 animated joint textures. Too much strain.
Would just add on more strain.
Its a good idea but it will be laggy for some people, and imagine the price D: Γ.Γ
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It's actually a very bad idea. If people end up making their textures flash different colors, epileptic people may have an epileptic fit, which is not good to have when playing a game because game's aren't supposed to harm you physically in any way..
It will also cause a huge amount of lag in servers and will most likely crash the servers..

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I could see potential with this, like actual sets with alternating colors on lights and such.
I don't think it would be too hard on most computers. The actual file size for something like a full 512 .gif set could change that though.
If it were to come in, I would advise a limit on the file sizes.
Unless that is somehow arranged, ~not supported
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