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This thread's purpose is to gather more thoughts on Matchmaking and how it should work.

Toribash development team is currently focused on making the Matchmaking system work as you would expect a proper matchmaking to, and we would like to make sure our current plans fit community's desires and views on it. Any thoughts and new ideas are welcome and will be considered.

What is currently planned to be implemented:

  • Ranked - a "first to 3" duel
    • No mod choice - players get to fight in randomly selected mods (mod changes each fight).
      Draft mod list: aikidobigdojo.tbm, taekkyon.tbm, lenshu3ng.tbm (or rk-mma.tbm), judofrac.tbm
    • Brown belt restriction
    • Seasonal rank resets (3 months for season length)
    • No daily rank 1 reward. Instead, weekly rewards for top n players or one-time reward at the end of the season.
    • Matchmaking being the only way to rank up.

  • Unranked - a "first to 2" duel
    • Pick the mod group to play
    • No belt restriction

We also plan to disable daily rank 1 rewards for now as it has turned into "farm rank without getting caught" fest.
It doesn't mean that everybody with top ranks farmed their way up, but Event Squad members have to deal with rank-related reports on almost a daily basis. We may still reward top players in some way.

EDIT (10/03/2017):
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Matchmaking mods have been changed, mod list now consists of "classic" mods.

Grappling: aikido.tbm, aikidobigdojo.tbm, greykido.tbm
Kicking: taekkyon.tbm, erthtkv2.tbm, kickbox.tbm
Striking: lenshu3ng.tbm, rk-mma.tbm, wushu3box.tbm

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My personal opinion

-There is and there will alway be problems with any kind of elo/ranking system

-Currently, the belt system is only based experience

-pools of players would balance a lot more the ranking system

What grabs players attention in games is the urge for competition and satisfaction. (I excuse myself right now for any mistake or misunderstandings on what I'm about to say and I think this concept is really important for the future of this game).

It is mentally more satisfying to know that you are as good/skilled as a certain pro player or just better than others, right? That's why most competitive games out there have pools of players that compete again each other in the same pool of players.

EveryoneMost players that play lol/csgo competitively want to rank up. Here is where tb's problem come's in. Having 1 rank per person is a lot less satisfying and less global than being in the 3rd best league. People will naturally want to brag about it.

Playing against players of the same "rank"/"skill" (because these pool of players go by skill) is important because if a player rank 5 plays against a player rank 500 and loses, he could lose a lot of elo. Balancing the skill group in tb is important. I would suggest making pools of players/season (pro/semi-pro/rookie.noob... you get the point) and making the climb from pool to pool a rank within it. Just like league of legends, you must have a certain amount of lp to go in promos and win a certain amount of games to get promoted.

The brown belt idea is a great idea to filter alt accounts, but making players play vs the same belt makes no sense, just like how there are players in csgo that have a 5 years vet coin but are still silver (it happens). Idk if you understand my point I'm making, but basically, some players are naturally better than others.

With all this being said we can finally tackle the point, match making should only be ranked not with random dudes, but with a player of equal skill this would be achieved by a good ranking system therefor I would also suggest having pools of players like league of legends or csgo.

I just thought of this: there shouldn't be ranked servers, it is just them open to abuse the ranking system. (pro vs noob).


To make this matchmaking a whole lot more interesting, we need to keep out clients happy 10 tc per win is just not enough. Giving an item for ranking up from one of the pool like I mentioned earlier could be interesting since we would make players want to play matchmaking to receive those items.
Careful to make it open to abuse by ranking up and de-ranking to stack items. I think the items should be equal to its rank for example tier 1-3 items for the first rank and tier 10 items for the last and so on...

This was my idea of ranking and matchmaking, the most important thing in matchmaking is equal skill and grabbing the players attention I'm sorry for the long text/brick, but i wanted to detail my points as clearly as possible, if you have any questions or missunderstanding I would like hear it.

Give me feed back about this idea pls.

tl;dr me if you want, those who are interested will read

All mods should be in matchmaking to only promote the very best at this game
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I like the idea of draft mods, as in you pick a mod to elminate and your opponent goes and picks a mod they dont want. Would be cool to see something like that.
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We could also limit ranked fights to 10 (each day)... And give the prizes to the best players at the end of the week/month.
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i think u should change how you can tell what box is checked or not on the menu. Doing a simple checkmark in the box instead of just filling it black would clear up a lot of endless confusion for me
I like the new system but no need judofrac.
Change judofrac to boxshumushu?
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I feel like you could include more mods, but have the draft pick system so that players don't need to play certain mods if they don't want to. They can just veto that mod if they feel like.
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Originally Posted by Wizard View Post
I feel like you could include more mods, but have the draft pick system so that players don't need to play certain mods if they don't want to. They can just veto that mod if they feel like.

I know but who want choose judofrac?
Trash in pick system currently
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I don't get why judofrac is considered a competitive mod... It's pretty random. I guess greykido would fit perfectly on ranked, at least it is way fairer.

Originally Posted by Shade View Post
We could also limit ranked fights to 10 (each day)... And give the prizes to the best players at the end of the week/month.

I don't think capping the ranked mm will be a good idea, mostly because it will give advantage to people who can play everyday. It's pretty unnecessary.
+ to Ezalor's post.
Also, takkyon most random mod then judofrac for me. Greykido will be better.