working on this italian town, the scaling down kinda destroyed the quality :P made in the game townscaper, then drawn on top of it. Inspired by this:

Bigger image:
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bump, more art, "Show your best self"
Based on the idea that some people act all happy and fine, but are miserable on the inside.

Your art is soothing and comfortable to watch, very nice work
You just lost the game
I am not a scammer
I like these weird bodymorph pieces Ezeth, keep it up

That's a new nice and cosy little town also, gj
Thanks, I'm happy with the last one, was experimenting with a lot of different color schemes. the cyan just makes him look hungry and sad, while the body holding him just looks happy and has warmer colors, at least that was what I was aiming for.

I might do another town, it was a lot of work, but I have so much time on my hands nowadays due to summer holidays.
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Com base na idéia de que algumas pessoas agem todas felizes e bem, mas são infelizes por dentro.


the colors make you feel the sensation! and how you represent "their" body language creates an atmosphere of discomfort and how you mention internal discomfort. fine Arts
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Thanks glad you see it.

working on this town at the moment. Wanted to make a town that is suspended on metal platforms.

here is the original in-game screenshot I'm working from, the game is called townscaper.
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looks good glad to see ur still making arti want to control a character thru it or somethin
perspective on point
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Thanks its a 3D model that is drawn on top of, so therefore perspective will always be on point :P
Finished result, toned down the colors a bit, and removed some ugly yellows.
For doing this art you have based it on game?
I have seen a similar sandbox city building game but i dont remember the name rn!