Season 8
Working on more landscape, I basically just load up some different forest images on my screen, and mash them together.

edit: more progress

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Just started on a crow painting, this is just the sketch.
used all my canvases gotta go buy more.
Just now realized that the legs are super small.
It's looking great, the blue hue in particular really makes the whole piece feel alive.

The legs feel a bit small but it can still work imo.
Thanks man, yeah I got a bit lucky with the tones, I feel like I dont really have 100% control when it comes to paint, I lack a bit of experience when it comes to color and medium mixing.
Yeah, legs are too small for sure, need to add a little bit of meat on them.

I don't really know where to go exactly from here regarding the concept, I'm thinking about adding a worm in the beak, and go for either a sunset with clouds in the background, or skyscraper buildings, not entirely sure.
Smooth as silk with the water flow on those pictures!

What kind of camera do you use, or is it with your phone when you were taking them?
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