Season 8
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Fire flame for left hand
Hello, today I'm auctioning this flame

Here's couple ingame previews so you can see them in action

Ingame preview GIFs

You can also use commands " /dl joope1 " and " /lp 0 joope1 " to view it ingame
Flame Particles are also customizable with " 128x128 Flame Particle Texture " item, such as any other flame

Auction rules
Min bid: 1tc
Min raise: 1k
Autobuy: 50k
End time: 24h after last valid bid

Have fun bidding, may the highest bidder win!
It's been 24hours since last valid bid, so we have a winner!

The winner is Rythm!

(While alexy had highest bid, the raise he made was lower than the min raise, which made their bid invalid)

- - - -

You've sent Flame: huuuge flame to Rythm.
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