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King of Shooto Tournament 2022

What is Shooto?

In the context of Toribash: Shooto is a slightly modified game mode to the original Shootboxing mods made by sushiroll and footlox. These modifications were made to reflect the realigned visions Spyder had in constructing training methodologies for our students. Simply put, Shooto is Shootboxing with more of an MMA feel. Allowing you to put your hands on the ground, forcing players to fight for pins upon hitting the ground and opening up avenues of submission. Adding in a cage to practice your fence work and pressure towards a wall.

The King of Shooto?

Back when Japanese mixed martial artists (called shootfighters back then) began competing in proto-organizations like Prancase, their champions were called "Kings". Thus, we are holding the first ever official Shooto tournament to see who is the true King of Shooto!

How do I join?

Simply join the Spyder Discord, verify yourself, and apply underneath the "King of Shooto 2022" category in the Discord. Link here: https://discord.gg/v8XmrQ22Ek

Disclaimer: Anyone who has been previously banned from the Spyder community will be barred from entering into this event.

-=-=-Rule set-=-=-

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-=-=- Judging Criteria -=-=-

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