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Infinite Sparring
Infinite Sparring

Hello! Welcome to this free-to-join journey to make sparring longer than it usually is!
I present to you this 5000 frame replay, your only goal is to edit it and keep the spar going for 500 frames!

It basically means that the replay is divided into 10 different 500 matchframe turns. You can be chosen to keep the replay going
NOTE: I'll choose the next turn based on the rules, first always goes in, unless they've broken a rule
Entering the replay will give you 3000 tc! (thanks to xMajedz0 for contributions)

I dont have the necessary equipment to do a good video. If I cant find someone to do it, I will do it myself as best as i can.
I also put the dojo to keep distance between players, its not actually necessary, but i felt like it was a good addition.
5000-4500: Corredor
4500-4000: Stance

4000-3500: alexywalex
3500-3000: RepoMaster
3000-2500: Chazer
2500-2000: Jostene
2000-1500: orber
1500-1000: xMajedz0
1000-500: joope1
500-0: (LAST TURN!!!)
1.No replayhacking
2.If you already did a turn,
you cant come back for another one
4.I will be bumping every 3-4 days, probably every Wednesday and Sunday.

5.No Alt accounts.
6.KEEP YOURSELF CLOSE TO UKE!! (new rule because the complaints)

and most importantly
7.Have fun and do your best!

I have no actual deadline. When the replay is finished, the video deadline will show up

have fun!
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Running away...
it's alright. start was painful to work from though
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inf-spar.rpl (749.6 KB, 4 views)

here is my turn from 4000-3500
enjoy and good luck to whoever comes next
I had fun doing this
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Youtube channel: Alexywalex Toribash Youtube
Discord tag: Alex W#7567
dont make the toris far apart whoever goes next, im not even gonna bother fixing that what a pain
I gotchu, i'll submit something.
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so since a couple people have mentioned it now I'll change the ending of my part of the replay so the fighters are closer
alright here ya go
sorry about putting them so far away at the end of the replay its my tricker mentality
file cause I forgot to attach it
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inf spar updated.rpl (1.14 MB, 4 views)
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Youtube channel: Alexywalex Toribash Youtube
Discord tag: Alex W#7567
Im not sure if i have to be quicker then other players for the next entry or not. I will just submit the replay and hope for the best
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