Season 8
165 hours on this game is nothing i have like 1888 and im still really bad it's okay man dw

hi laine :3
since i'm the greatest toribash player that has ever lived i figured i'd give some tips on how to be an esports god

this is 20 million tc worth of game knowledge, free of charge. don't go banking too many people now.
I play this game for 11 years so far, only competitive/duels. I rarely keep spectate watching, except for watching duels. I've grinded this game so much in my intere adolescence, 12, 14, 16, 18 hours per day was a normal thing to me.
I took a brake once, for 6 months, back in 2019.
Even doing all that, I still consider my self garbage for losing to certain players. So I'd say toribash takes way more than time. Takes way more than having random fights against random people.
It takes effort to constantly detect what are you doing wrong, how you can effectivly do something that works.
We are talking about LEARNING the game, for real. Meaning you will know exacly what are you doing the intire time. I'd say you would have to play with people better than you for years, to at least start understand how the game really works.
So comparing learning how to drive to learning how to play toribash, it's like, comparing how to cook an egg to learning 10 different languages.
I don't think you need to remember to extend/contract and hold/relax every single fiber of your being to be able to drive, most of it is on auto-pilot thanks to your brain. Just imagine how difficult life would become if you needed to remember to breath so you don't die of suffocation, shit would take years to master and many people will just die off early because the skill cap would be too high.
holotor what are you doing here
also i just kinda. got better over the years that i played and now i'm competent
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please to be enjoying lowkido
let's bring minibash back!