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Advens 2022 Shop - Set's & Head's
Back at it 2022.
This shop will be dedicated for my textures (sets/heads)
The important thing is time so if i have free time > i drop stuff
I also accept REQUESTS for any kind of art ( except video )
>Request via Discord : MCenturion #6778 / Or DM <
Im accepting only USD via PayPal
< Today drop >
Queen & King Set - FULL JOINTED
Size - 512x512-
Recolor -bignope-
Resize -auto-
Artist -Advens-
-Price ?-
(you offer / i get the right to not answer if the offert is to low)
Queens&King Honor 60 $

Sentinel of Horus - 110$ + -
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up for request
hi, firstly, i've added you on discord and I'd like to converse for a request.
secondly, i'm not too acquainted with toribashtextures, is that a failing to load right bicep texture or that's the set.
Edit: Retracting offer.
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[Event & Market Squad]
I'd love myself a cockmeat sandwich.

list#1000 on Discord.
Looks like the biceps failed to upload :/ and it also doesnt let me edit only the texture..Thanks for the starting offer . I also accepted your request
up for request
Added Sentinel of horus for SALE >Queens & King Honor price 70$ - 1,5mil tcs
up for request
bundle price 135$ both sets ( Starting 20.06.2022 / Ending 22.06.2022 )
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up for request