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More country flags
I would really like to represent Wales rather than the UK as a whole on my tori but at the moment it isn't possible
I know there have been satirical suggestion threads lately regarding flags, but this is a serious one. Scotland and Wales are both countries that don't have their own flag within the forums and in game and I can't imagine it being that difficult to add.
I posted about it in the discord server in the support channel but obviously that isn't the appropriate place for it so maybe posting this here might help
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Hello I am Welsh and I too would love to see my flag be included in the options list instead of being forced to use the UK.
in many games Scotland and Wales have their own flags (rocket league being a good example) Its much better representing my home country of Wales rather than using the union flag which does not include the Welsh flag.
Its also nicer seeing my cool dragon compared to the union jack.

If it is included i thank you from the bottom of my heart
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