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is tori natty or not?
so i been playing aikido more recently and ive noticed 2 things

1. i am lifting opponents up into the air who are both the same weight and height with 1 arm.
2. it is extremely easy to rip limbs off.

So my question is,
Is tori natty or is he using PEDs?

P - Performance
E - Enhancing
D - Drugs

i think we need to do a body fat percentage check as he is low percentage on the fat and lots of lean muscle.
yeah, bodybuilders and heavy weight lifters ain't got nothing on the average Tori
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definitely not natty. i think his cycle consists of 600 ml of tren every saturday followed by dianabol and MAYBE pre-workout?

dude looks like schwarzenegger on the daily. i say he's definitely juicing.
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its clearly all tendon strength
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i think that it is just a game but i could be wrong

That was really bad sorry.
Someone tell me why this guy is highly respected by some people ???