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eVo Application


-Past Clans:Aqours,FC

-Why do you still play Toribash:I want to become a great toribash player like some cool replaymakers and i want to be apart of that and I think Evo could help alot with helping me reach my full potential

-What do you hope to achieve, accomplish in the future as a player of Toribash:I want to become a great replaymaker and help lower skilled (Replaymakers) on their journey to greatness

-Why do you want to join [eVo]:I think eVo would be a great clan to join because i know some replaymakers here and they can help me reach my full potential like i've stated

-What can you bring to [eVo]:I can bring positivity and help to those who need it and i can bring help in replaymaking
-Do you have any friends in [eVo]:I've played with shoddy and spoke to him on discord for about 2 months

Would you be willing to have a voice chat with [eVo] Members via Discord:Yeah I don't mind

Please tell us some information about yourself, the more the better:I'm 13 and From the UK

Contact me on Discord
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I would like to apply as a replay maker, i'm currently 4th dan black belt. I've, in the past, been in [VII], which is replay-making clan. I would like to join [eVo] to improve by playing with other poeple (spars parkours, asking for advice etc...).
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I mean.. you can improve by playing other players in a clan or not.

Also something about a format...? Or am I just trippin.

stop drinking beer pls bro
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