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It's not fun learning any language when the only way you can hear yourself is recording yourself and you have the nerdiest voice in existence :< I'm tempted to just skip speaking Japanese and just learn to read it.
nyan :3
Youtube Channel i sometimes post videos of other games
Luckily Japanese and Finnish spell things the same way, makes it a lot easier for me.
Though because of my bad hearing ability I'm not sure if I can understand others when they're talking in Japanese ;o
Already happens with English, having a pretty hard time following Namasensei at times. But I'm doing rather well I guess.

btw, know all the hiragana now yaaay. ImmortalCow's tip helped me memorize better, I went back on my notes and turned all the romanji to hiragana. Thanks ;o
What's next? There's still grammar stuff and katakana. It'll take a while until I get to the game playing part ;o
It's pretty fun to read kiddy books and sing songs too, good resources to leverage. Yotsubato! has furigana whenever Yotsuba learns a new word, so it's helpful. Reading books with furigana would probably be a great way to increase vocab and learn kanji (you will probably need to learn katakana first though).
While obviously it's not the best teaching method, watching anime does help to a certain extent, perhaps enforcing already learned words or phrases. I'm a near fluent Japanese speaker, but there was a period of about 5 years when I moved to Australia that I spoke zero Japanese, and I had forgotten a large amount of Japanese (to the point that I couldn't read Hiragana anymore).

And then I watched anime and everything was fixed yey

But seriously, just listening to Japanese conversations in general helps a lot. I would watch Japanese talk shows (from my experience, they often spoke slowly and with many pauses, and that helped) to practice my understanding capabilities.
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my sister's signature word is desu.i could mean anything.
my sister is full japanese and starting to forget engish....kowaii.
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