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Anime Merchendise!
Do you guys got some sort of merch that's anime related? I got quite a bit.

I have Shirts, Wall Scrolls, AoT Mug \o/, Buttons, etc.

I'll show you one of my Wall Scrolls

Post photos or say what you got if you do .

click it to be linked to full size image where you can zoom in

I got posters too, but they're all rolled up
also, waiting to get another Evangelion comedy manga and Tokyo Ghoul volumes 1 and 2.. it's just that i got the cheap shipping so I have to wait for them all to release so they ship together (in August :c)
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Nice Taiga and Shiina canvas.

Where'd you get them? Order it?

Pirate, you're ridiculously loaded with anime sheit.
Like, I have a My Neighbor Totoro, Fairy Tail, SAO, Soul Eater, and an Attack on Titan shirt. \o/ I love them.
I have an AT&T poster, a lot of anime merchandise are being sold for cheap here.
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i only have one poster
wich is small fuckin bleach wich i havent watched
it's my brother's old, i dont even know why i have it on my wall
sadly there's no anime shops with merchandise in Finland, but i've been planning to order some from the internet