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Hmm. I hope I don't meet any of those people you mentioned. I'll try to find the most unknown GYM in the country. I think I have to lose some weight first although I'm not that over weight at all I'm 80 Kg and and 178 cm tall so I'm good.
I'm going upstate to the mountains and I won't be back till Sunday night. Peace.
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Welcome to the family dude. I'm here new too but I'm loving it and it gave me more swag than you would expect.

And yeah.

I'm 17, smart, played ice hockey, occasionally meeting with my gf, playing games all day long.

Nice to meet you.
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Curious aren't you.
Can all parrot members post their replays. I suck at replays and I want to see how I fair with you guys.
Curious aren't you.
Thanks lol, figured since it was the first replay in almost 3 years I should keep it simple XD plus that was the default mode so only 150secs
Soon, I shall make a youtube video featuring all the "moop and my parts" replays
[18:33] <Ele_> man I wish I had a dick to suck for drugfs rn
Wait there's a move I learned to do which is basically the most skillful move I can ever do.

There you go this is the best I can do after years of not playing. look if you want me out of the clan just kick me out don't feel shy I won't blame you.
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